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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chili Oil Collection


Our single-estate grown line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chili Oil was carefully curated with intention by O.N.A.O.O. certified experts on the Dave’s Gourmet Team. Each bottle consists of a mono-cultivar, meaning derived from one single olive variety, thus encapsulating intensities and flavors that are rare in the United States. From the grove, hand-picked, and crushed at the mill within hours, we proudly print our harvest year on the front of our labels so that you can enjoy every last drop with the utmost confidence in quality.

Immerse yourself into the olive groves, learn how to taste E.V.O.O. like a certified expert, and discover recipes in our catalog here.



Organic Hojiblanca has a mild intensity and serves as your go-to everyday cooking oil. Use Hojiblanca for finishing pasta, sautéing vegetables or proteins, to mix your own salad dressings, for dipping bread, for pastries, and so much more. The name Hojiblanca means, white leaf, which comes from the white color of the backside of the leaf.


Picudo is a robust intense oil. Use Picudo to accent bold entrees like savory meats or for frying seafood. The name Picudo means “prominent peak” which refers to the pointed end of the olive fruit that you will find on its tree.


Chef Alberto Chicote worked alongside our Olive Estate to develop a proprietary chili oil recipe which promises a clean and natural heat. The fresh Spanish chilis steeped with Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil result in a one-of-a-kind, old world craftsman style Chili Oil. Warm up your tacos and baked potatoes and create a homemade chili crisp or a spicy vinaigrette with our Medium Heat Chili Oil. Our Intense Heat Chili Oil packs twice as much heat as our Medium Heat Chili Oil and is guaranteed to amplify your chili, stew, and ramen. You can also drizzle it over pizza and salsa for an added kick.

Products Features

  • 100% Spanish
  • Each bottle contains a unique mono-cultivar that is rare to the US
  • Packaged in dark bottles reducing the risk of oxidization and thus preserving the quality
  • Find the Harvest year proudly printed on the front of the label
  • The collection is curated by O.N.A.O.O. (The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters) certified experts​
  • Varying intensities (Hojiblanca is Mild and Picudo is Robust)​
  • Proprietary recipe Chili Olive Oil (Two heat levels; Medium and Intense)

Tasty Pairing Suggestions

Organic Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Pair with delicate salads, vegetables, and Manchego cheese, for baking and everyday cooking.

Picudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Drizzle on bitter greens, over savory meat dishes like steak and use for frying seafood.

Arbequina Chili Oil Medium Heat: Create a homemade chili crisp, spicy vinaigrettes or grilling sauces, drizzle over baked potatoes or tacos.

Arbequina Chili Oil Intense Heat: Add to chili and stews, drizzle over rice and pasta, or add extra spice to your pizza or salsa.

Taste Profile:

Organic Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Pleasantly bittersweet, fruity, and lightly peppery with a note of almonds.

Picudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Makes a bold, well-balanced oil with hints of apple, almond and tropical fruit.

Arbequina Chili Oil Medium and Intense Heat: Provides a clean and natural spicy flavor and warm touch to dishes.