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Masala Madness

$15.25 $20.99

Product Description:

A unique sauce that you can’t find anywhere else. Masala Madness is inspired by the West Indies while also nodding to India with notes of curry. This sauce is as hot as the Caribbean and Mexico climates its peppers hail from.

Products Features:
Bottled in the USA

Heat Level:

Very Hot - Experience the curry kicker!

Tasty Pairing Suggestions:
Pairs well with roasted veggies like zucchini and sweet potatoes. Add an extra pop of flavor to your soup
or use as a savory marinade for beef tenderloin.

Scotch bonnet peppers (scotch bonnet pepper, salt, acetic acid), water, onion, agave nectar, garlic white distilled vinegar, salt, de arbol chile pepper, curry powder, lime juice concentrate, garlic powder.