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American Companies Are Hostage to the Whims of TikTok

Wall Street Journal Article: The social-media giant has become ‘a billion-person focus group,’ disrupting business cycles and upending corporate R&D

TikTok’s Pink Sauce chef defends her viral condiment

The Miami-area personal chef who goes by her professional name, Chef Pii, and her newly introduced Pink Sauce have been at the center of a Barbie-colored swirl of controversy and the subject of dozens of TikTok videos that have racked up millions of views.

PopSugar - TikTok's Infamous Pink Sauce Is Heading to Food Stores

The mystery condiment being made and sold by TikTok creator Chef Pii, sent ripples of intrigue, disgust, and digestive problems across the internet. But despite the mixed reactions, the Pink Sauce is now officially heading to stores. An established food company, has partnered with Pii to bring a shelf-stable version to consumers this fall with production starting in late September.

What to know about the 'all natural' pink sauce that has gone viral on TikTok with text

You'll likely see something called 'pink sauce' popping up increasingly frequently on your social media feeds in the near future - not least because the creator of the Barbie-hued condiment has just signed a deal to bring it to the masses.

Yahoo Finance - Pink Sauce Has Been Saved!

Pink Sauce is a condiment created by TikTok user Chef Pii who featured it in many promotional videos. In these videos, we see Pink Sauce being used to absolutely drench chicken, pizza and tacos—you name it, the self-proclaimed Pink Sauce Queen poured sauce on it.

Pink Sauce Resurrected and Could Soon Be Sold in Stores

I’m sure by now you have probably heard of the internet-famous Chef Pii's Pink Sauce that went viral on TikTok and then caused a whole bunch of drama. Well, it made headlines yet again this week since Chef Pii has partnered with Dave's Gourmet(known for snazzy pasta sauce and hot sauce) to make an FDA-approved, shelf-stable, and, most importantly, non-exploding version of the famous fuchsia formulation.

TikTok’s Pink Sauce Is a Gooey, Pepto-Colored Mystery with text

In June a Florida-based mixologist and private chef who goes by the mononym Pī posted a six-second video to TikTok. In it, a single hand pours thick pink liquid into a fuchsia funnel, which marshals the sauce into an unmarked condiment bottle. “Do you love me, baby?” Young Slo-Be croons in the background as the solution dribbles down through the filtration system.

Dave’s Gourmet Partners with Social Media Influencer Chef Pii to Launch The Pink Sauce

Dave’s Gourmet LLC (“Dave’s Gourmet”), a company focused on innovation in the food industry with thirty years as a legacy brand, partnered with a young entrepreneur to help her bring her vision to the market. Chef Pii, the creator of The Pink Sauce™ and a popular social media/TikTok influencer with over 230,000 followers across platforms, attempted to launch her creation to a wanting public, selling out of her initial stock in just days

Fast Company: How Pink Sauce became TikTok’s most viral condiment.

In June, the creator, Carly Pii—who goes by Chef Pii on TikTok—uploaded a video of herself dunking a large chicken tender into a bowl containing an oddly pink, creamy substance. Since then, TikTok videos with the hashtag #pinksauce have had over 81 million views.

Chef Pii, the creator of the viral TikTok pink sauce, has seen your memes. They don’t bother her.

The mystery sauce, which appears to range from an opaque blush to a vibrant fuchsia, has fascinated and horrified people online. TikTok viewers can't stop talking about the product, which costs a whopping $20 per bottle. The tag #pinksauce has 80.9 million views on the app. Pink Sauce was trending on Twitter on Thursday.

L.A. Times: What the heck is Pink Sauce and why should anyone not on TikTok care?

You may have seen a “Pink Sauce” headline in your social feeds sometime in the past week. Maybe you skipped over it, but now it’s hard to escape. The Pink Sauce situation is real, and chef Carly Pii is taking it very, very personally.