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Dave's Gourmet Chil-AI Hot Sauce - Pack of 3


In 1993, Dave’s Gourmet launched the original “HOTTEST HOT SAUCE IN THE UNIVERSE”. Now, the team at Dave’s has instructed AI to craft the recipe for “THE BEST HOT SAUCE IN THE UNIVERSE” to bring you another first of its kind— “The Best Hot Sauce In The Universe Created By Artificial Intelligence”.

Before you experience this limited-edition sauce, activation is required. You will find instructions and the activation code on the bottle. Be sure to activate your sauce before tasting it for the first time. And remember, consumption by robots is strictly prohibited. 

After you have activated your sauce and have analyzed the flavor, Dave’s wants to hear what you think of this technology! Leave us a message at Dave’s Gourmet on Facebook or @davesgourmetllc on Instagram. Use tags #AIHOTSAUCE #DAVESGOURMET

Products Features

·      Vegan

·      Gluten-Free

·      Bottled in the USA

·      Heat Level: Hot

·      #AIhotsauce 

·      100% malware-free

·      Comes with Activation Code

·      Hacker proof

·      No browser necessary

Tasty Pairing Suggestions:


Dip chicken wings, steak, or shrimp and savor every byte of flavor. Drizzle over tacos and burgers, or mix into a guacamole to experience the kick of AI-created perfection. The only thing it doesn’t pair with is computer chips. Indulge wisely!

Heat Level:


Product Type:

Hot Sauce