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Coming Soon: Dave's Gourmet Set To Disrupt The Extra Virgin & Chili Olive Oil Categories

For more than 30 years, Dave's Gourmet, the originator in the super-hot sauce category and leader in organic and natural pasta sauces, is excited to announce the launch of their new Olive Oil brand with two Extra Virgin Olive Oils and two Chili Olive Oils. Store shelves today are littered with mis-labeled brands, defective olive oil falsely called Extra Virgin, low quality, low price, and blended olive oil products that are not what your consumers are expecting from their olive oil brand.

According to the Specialty Foods Association (SFA) State of the Union report - June 2022, Olive Oil sales are down -12%. 2020-2021 down -12.1%. Flavored oils down -5.1%. The outlook for 2022-2024 is projected at +4%. The market is speaking; The products are not meeting consumer needs.


•Grown on a single estate in Southern Spain, harvested, crushed on site, filtered, stored in temperature controlled silos with nitrogen and bottled on site.

• 100% Spanish - no Olive Blends

• Unique mono cultivar varietals not well known in the US

• Varying intensity from Mild to Robust.

• Harvest year and - best before date of 2 years printed on the label.

• Two first of their kind Chili Olive Oil (correctly labeled- Not Extra Virgin- that is incorrect). Spanish chilies steeped for weeks in Arbequina EVOO.

• US inventory is maintained in our own temperature controlled warehouse to ensure heat will not affect the quality.


Organic Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Mild Intensity. Pair with salads,vegetables, and for everyday cooking. The name Hojiblanca also means, white leaf,which comes from the white color of the backside of the leaf.

Picudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Robust Intensity. Pair with meat and seafood formemorable elegant meals.

Chili Oil: Spanish Chilis Steeped In Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Arbequinaolive is small and rounded and grows in clusters. The Chilis are fresh, not dried.That’s the difference. The Chilis steep with Arbequina EVOO for several weeks.Provides a spicy and warm touch to dishes like rice, pasta, meat, and any other dishwe may want to provide a clean and natural hot flavor.


• We have two accredited ONAOO (National Organization of Olive Oil) School Tasters on staff to educate and train distributors, brokers, retailers and consumers.

• David Neuman, our President, is an accredited ONAOO Professional Taster, with 18 years of executive level EVOO brand development, experience, and leadership. He has sold over 20 Million bottles of premium EVOO, with extensive roots in Italy, Greece and Spain. An international olive oil competition judge, and new author of a book about EVOO. Available to educate and train retailers with Olive Oil 101 classes, consumer tasting and book signings, assistance with category reviews, and act a a neutral resource for questions about the category.

• DG trade support: Placement fees, promotions, ads, demos, co-promotions with DG pasta sauce, free signed copies of his new book; Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The Truth In Your Kitchen (Morgan James, 2022).

• Strong social media campaign.

• Annual copies available of the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every bottle we import with both chemical and organoleptic analysis.



Find us on social media where we will be sharing an inside look at our visit to the estate and mill in Spain for the upcoming harvest.