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Arbequina Chili Olive Oil Medium Heat

3 Bottle

Fresh Spanish chilis are steeped with Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil for bold spicy flavor. Our olives are derived from one estate in southern Spain, hand-picked from the grove, and crushed within hours at the mill. The Arbequina Olive is small, rounded and grows in clusters. The chilis that steep with our Arbequina EVOO for several weeks are fresh, not dried. That’s the difference. Our Chili Oil provides a spicy and warm touch to dishes like rice, pasta, meat, and any other dish that you would like to enhance with a clean and natural hot flavor.​

Our collection was carefully curated with intention by O.N.A.O.O. certified experts. Each bottle consists of a mono-cultivar, meaning derived from one single olive variety, thus encapsulating intensities and flavors that are rare in the United States. We proudly print our harvest year on the front of our labels so that you can enjoy every last drop with the utmost confidence in quality.

Immerse yourself into the olive groves, learn how to taste E.V.O.O. like a certified expert, and discover recipes in our catalog here.

Products Features
 100% Spanish
 Medium Heat
 Packaged in dark bottle reducing the risk of oxidization and thus preserving the quality
 Arbequina Olives (mono-cultivar)
 Single estate (family owned)
 Fresh Spanish chilis steeped in Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 Made using a propriety recipe developed with Chef Alberto Chicote

Tasty Pairing Suggestions:
Create a homemade chili crisp, spicy vinaigrettes or grilling sauces, drizzle over hummus, tacos, or baked potatoes.

Taste Profile:
Provides a clean and natural spicy flavor and warm touch to dishes.

Heat Level:
Medium Heat